Portrait: Craig ElliottLife is meant to be a journey of progressive steps. If the risk and responsibility don't go up with age, you are not reaching your potential. Looking back on my life 20 years ago, I could not have handled the pressures and responsibilities I have now, but the goals I have now were not possible back then. The rewards increase along with the risks. Dream big. Make a living you never thought possible, doing what you love to do. Follow your heart on some things, but know when to follow your brain. Your dreams are out there, available to those that diligently seek them with the right motives. Offer service to others and help them attain their goals; this will open the door for you. Don't gain at the expense of others, but rather with mutual benefit in mind. It is possible to achieve success without taking from others.

I am now working on a writing project. Stay tuned for details.

Craig Elliott